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Registered Practical Nurses Toronto & Mississauga, ON

Nursing is a profession for those committed to making a difference in the lives of others. Registered Practical Nurses perform a variety of tasks under the supervision of a registered nurse. They administer medicine and injections and take vital signs.

At Everest Home Health Care, the role of the RPN is important in successfully delivering our care model and fulfilling the care requirements of our clients. We concentrate on supplying experienced highly qualified nursing staff to Nursing Homes and Retirement Homes in the Peel, Halton, Niagara Regions, and the Greater Toronto Area.

What Does a Registered Practical Nurse Do?

For a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), no two days are ever alike. In fact, it is common for an RPN to perform a variety of tasks during the course of a single shift. RPNs move from place to place, providing support where it is needed. The majority of a typical RPN’s day involves providing direct care to patients, which takes many different forms. The types of healthcare services that RPNs perform include:

Patient Care

From bathing patients to helping them get to physical therapy sessions, RPNs provide hands-on care that makes a huge difference in patients’ lives.


RPNs are often tasked with monitoring patients on behalf of RNs and doctors. They also alert doctors and nurses to patients who require immediate attention.


Changes observed while monitoring patients are noted on charts, which are then used by doctors and nurses.

Collecting Samples

RPNs sometimes collect samples for testing.

Additional Tasks

Under the direct supervision of a doctor or RN, an RPN may also change dressings, begin intravenous drips, perform minor procedures and handle a variety of other routine tasks.

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