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Who Are Family Caregivers?

A family caregiver is anyone who provides regular care for a relative, a partner, or a friend. The amount of care that the family member or other individual provides may have increased over time, or they may have found themselves in that role suddenly, without notice. For many, it is a labor of love but it can also be physically and emotionally demanding. It is important to keep a balance between caring for another individual while caring for oneself.

nurse walking down hallway with elderly woman

Ask Us How

By going above and beyond providing basic homemaking, personal care, and companionship services and…

  • Coordinating with providers and family members by observing and noting how our clients are doing on each visit and making this information available to them
  • Proactively Engaging family members, medical providers, and clients in order to gain important information
  • Responding by incorporating this information into the caring services we provide to our clients each day

Our Caregivers at Everest Home Health Care May Provide:

Physical Care
  • Organizing and giving medication
  • Monitoring symptoms and discussing treatments with loved ones and hospice staff
  • Providing assistance with personal care such as bathing, dressing, eating and using the toilet
Emotional Care
  • Listening, talking, reading or playing music
  • Providing caring companionship and love
Practical Care
  • Handling insurance and other financial matters
  • Paying bills
  • Coordinating visits from family, loved ones, friends and hospice staff
  • Discussing last wishes to ensure they are carried out (if the caregiver is the healthcare power of attorney)

We Don’t Just Provide Home Care, We Provide Solutions

We take our role in your loved one’s care plan seriously and know that we must all work together to create a higher quality of life at home. Our ongoing CARE process helps make this possible.

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