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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Care Services | Staffing | Careers

Home Care Services FAQs

Home care typically involves health-related services that are delivered to you in your home and are ordered by your physician to help your recovery. Personal care is a type of home care. If you need home care that extends beyond services covered by insurance, our personal care services provide day-to-day support to help you continue to live safely and independently in your home.

At Everest Home Health Care, you can be sure that every member of your team – whether nurse, rehabilitation therapist, home health aide, social worker and others – is highly trained, trustworthy and professional. Every member of your team is fully screened and insured. They offer a level of skill that comes only with experience, and the compassion that comes with true caring.

Home care services can be used on a short-term or long-term basis. Many of our patients use our services for only a short time, while others have been with us for years. You will have a case manager who will keep in touch to regularly assess your situation and needs.

  • Older people who have health problems, but who want to maintain their independence in their homes with the support of a professional caregiver.
  • Patients of all ages who return home after surgery, and need care, supervision or assistance.
  • Patients who have complex treatments that require use of medical equipment and/or medication monitoring.
  • Mothers and newborns, home from the hospital after 24 or 48 hours who are in need of further education, support and clinical assessment skills of a trained nurse.
  • Young adults, recovering from accidents or injuries, who can manage on their own – if they know an experienced healthcare worker will be there when needed.
  • Mentally ill adults who need support to remain in the mainstream of their community
    Adults who want their parents to have quality care at home.
  • And millions of people with chronic diseases and disabilities, like Alzheimer’s, heart failure, kidney disease, or diabetes, who need careful monitoring but do not want or need to enter a nursing home or skilled care facility.

A caregiver assists an older relative or friend who has a physical or mental impairment. The surviving spouse or common-law partner is often the primary caregiver; however, others, including adult children, neighbors, or friends may also qualify as primary caregivers in some cases.

Some examples are taking someone to the doctor or shopping; assisting him or her with bill-paying; providing emotional support; and/or assisting with bathing or dressing. You do not have to be living with the person or providing 24-hour care to be considered a caregiver.

Yes. Our screening process includes a criminal background check, drug testing, verification of licensure and certification, employment history, and references.

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Staffing FAQs

Yes. Our employees are individually interviewed and assessed for their level of knowledge. We require two professional references and validation of credentials. A Registered Nurse closely monitors all community employees. Our employees are covered by the WSIB. Our company is a member of the Ontario Home Health Care Providers Association.

Primarily the Community Access Centre will assess the needs of clients wishing to remain in their homes. The CCAC will initiate service for your mother as you wish. If you require additional help for your mother, you may purchase services, such as shopping, companionship, cooking, etc. privately either through our company or by calling other service providers in your community.

Registered employees are certified by the College of Nurses of Ontario and are accountable to the public and responsible for ensuring that her/his professional practice and conduct meet the standards of the profession. Their licenses are renewed annually.

Personal support workers are Home Support Workers or certified Personal Support Workers and Health Care Aides. They provide personal care in facilities and homes, activities in the home such as light housekeeping, shopping, and companionship.

We will have a Nurse contact you and discuss your specific needs when he is discharged. In all likelihood, he will require the service of a personal support worker and not necessarily registered staff. Hours can be arranged at a time to suit you, from a minimum of three hours up to twenty-four-hour care. Our employees are supervised by a Nurse Manager who is a Registered Nurse. He might just need a Personal Support Worker to be with him so that he is not left alone, especially at night.

Yes! Usually, it is three hours, but in special circumstances, we can arrange for less. It is also dependent on the availability of employees already in the immediate area.

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Career FAQs

Everest Home Health Care is Ontario’s leading provider of home health care services. We offer a range of health care services which include: Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, Cancer Care, Companionship, Diabetes Care, Foot Care, Family Caregiver Support, Long Term Care, Palliative Care, Nursing, Personal and Home Support. All of these services are available in-home or wherever someone is living – such as a retirement home or long-term care community. Our professional service finds the right candidate for every position and is available 24/7 by phone for your assistance.

Want to get started right now? Go to the Apply Online section of our website and you can start right away! Want to talk to someone? Simply call us.

We offer temporary, temp to perm, contract, and direct placement positions in a wide variety of medical specialties and facilities.

With Everest, you have the choice to work at all kinds of facilities. Whether you like working at a small community hospital, a nursing home, or a retirement home, we’ve got plenty of work.

As with most professional employment, the pay range is dependent on several factors including years of experience, specific facilities, and specific job functions.

As part of the hiring requirements, professionals must be accomplished in their specific fields with all necessary licensing and continuing education. Beyond that, there is no additional training required.

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