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Testimonials From Our Staff

I have been working for Everest Home Health for the past seven years, part time as a Health Care Aide, and have found them to possess several excellent workplace attributes. Here are a few:
They are accommodating and flexible. Workers do not have to adhere to a fixed work schedule (just be on time for your shifts).
They offer several employee benefits, including paid vacation.
They are professional in their interaction with both staff and clients alike and are caring and supportive.
Everest Home Health Care is the best choice whether you are looking for work or in need of care for your loved one!

Marcia G., HCA (Brampton, ON)

My name is Cecelia.
I have been working with Everest for 2 years & being with Everest I have accomplished more skills in the work force.
They are a family oriented company and they treat their employees like family.
I enjoy having them as my employer and am glad to represent them with the best of my abilities because they are the best to me.

Cecelia B., PSW (Mississauga, ON)

Everest is the first agency placement that I worked for when I got my RPN licence in September 2011.
I came here with no experience and over the years have gained knowledge beyond my belief.
Having to work in several care facilities including a nursing home, a retirement home and home care enabled me to gain experience and to strengthen myself in relation to my nursing profession.
Everest is a good agency who gave me this chance and I recommended several nurses who have worked for Everest and I would not hesitate to do it again and again.

Caroline T. M., RPN, (Etobicoke, ON)

Everest is the agency I have been since 2007 as a Personal Support Worker and since 2012 as a Registered Practical Nurse.
They are so understanding; I have never felt any kind of pressure during any occasion, such as needing off days to go on holidays, completing my upgrading, needing time to study or going back home to visit my parents. It was never a problem.
Also, when you get a call and you are not free to work your name never gets black listed.
It is the best place to work and have Canadian experiences.
Everest employers are very good in being your references, they always open the opportunities for their employees and wish them all the best. Always respectful, reliable and approachable.
Everest is the best!

Maya R., RPN (Brampton, ON)

I really enjoy working for Everest Home Health Care.
I found the staff to be very encouraging, organized and available to answer questions. I enjoy my schedule and my placements.
Since I started at Everest Home Health Care, I have been orientated to various types of nursing that is both fun and challenging. My placements have involved nursing in Long Term Care, Home care and Community Clinics which has both kept me motivated and challenged.
I take my job and my role as an agency nurse very seriously and I am glad that Everest Home Health Care has been so kind and supportive of my career and my goals. With the ongoing support and encouragement of the staff, I was able to secure a permanent part time posting at a nursing home.
I am truly thankful that Everest Home Health Care has given me a chance, and provided an encouraging environment for me to practice nursing.
Thanks a million!

Francine S., RN (St. Catharines, ON)

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