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Everest’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Protection Plan

Your Safety Is Our Priority

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of our clients, their loved ones, and our staff. This Health and Safety Protection Plan has been put in place to update all our policies and procedures to eliminate the spread of Covid-19 during this ongoing pandemic. We will regularly update our policies as the state of our province progresses and as changes are made through the Ministry of Health. If you are still looking for further information regarding COVID-19 contact us via email (make this a hyperlink to the contact us page) or by calling our main office at 905-270-4426.

COVID Testing

All our staff are required to be frequently tested for COVID-19 to prevent any spread of infection and ensure they test negative before coming in contact with clients. Staff must answer all screening questions before starting their shift and have their temperature taken. All of our staff are instructed to not provide care if they have any symptoms which include sneezing, coughing, fever, headaches etc. If they have contracted any of these symptoms they are required to notify management and quarantine for a 2 week period and provide a negative result test before returning to work. Now that vaccines have been put in place we encourage our staff to get fully vaccinated for the sake of their own health and our current and future clients.

Homecare During COVID-19

We maintain our regular hygiene practices while dealing with patients such as washing our hands before and aftercare visits and sanitizing all medical instruments. Our staff is required to always wear gloves, shields, gowns, and indoor shoes inside the home to avoid the spread of germs.

We ask that all clients and their family members wear a mask while our nurses are on duty. Our staff comes fully prepared with the equipment they need to keep you safe i.e. mask, gloves. Along with being up to date with best practices and protocols on preventing the spread of infection. If you or a loved one cannot wear a mask due to medical exemption please advise us ahead of time so we can take the necessary precautions.

These are unprecedented times and we are very grateful for the trust our clients have in our staff, we will continually do our best to keep you safe at all times.

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