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Home Support Services

When someone you love is ill or requires assistance, finding high-quality care is your top priority.

At Everest Home Health Care, we understand that being in a familiar environment can enhance your quality of life and help to preserve your personal dignity; which is why our top priority is to provide compassionate, reliable, in-home professional assistance. With Everest Home Health Care, you can have confidence that you or your loved one is in good hands.

Our Home Support Services provide our clients with the personal attention and support required to improve their current quality of life. Our staff brings a high-level of skills and expertise, while assisting clients to establish daily routines, general home maintenance care, and ensuring the clients’ safety adhering to their rehabilitative protocols.


For many of our clients, in-home care allows them to remain in an environment where they’re most comfortable. The home can help enhance their overall experience with health care staff and add to their quality of living.

People who have lost the ability to take care of basic personal needs, find that they can maintain their dignity when at home. This can be a tremendous relief to people and their families who feel safer having them close by.

Home Support Services can be a cost-efficient way to provide the necessary treatments to people who need them. Hospitals and Nursing homes can be costly. Home care allows for the flexibility to schedule services when needed. Families can take part in the caring process and use Home Support Services staff to help relieve some of the time.

What We Offer

At Everest Home Health Care, we believe your loved one deserves the best quality care! Our competent and compassionate healthcare personnel is ready to assist in your time of need.

Based on your situation, we can provide:

Personal care and support: Assistance with dressing, feeding, washing and toileting, as well as advice, encouragement, and emotional and psychological support.

Elder care: The level of elder care varies, from a 24-hour care to a day nurse who drops in on older patients for a few hours every day. Since older people are prone to special health problems, our professionals are trained to address these issues, ensuring the highest level of care.

Home-making Services

This service provides assistance with the day-to-day tasks that are required in the upkeep of a household, including dusting and cleaning, laundry and meal preparation.

Our health care personnel consists of Personal Support Workers, Registered Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses that are highly-experienced and qualified to provide you with assistance – No matter what the circumstances are!

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