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Everest Home Health Care has been providing nursing homecare services to clients of all ages with various degrees of cognitive and/or physical impairment.

Our clients who require nursing care are located anywhere, from their private residence, within hospitals, long-term care facilities or at a retirement community.

We recognize that the medical requirements surrounding medical patient care delivery can be time-sensitive and require more consistent monitoring, therefore, Everests’ nursing services have the flexibility of providing availability 24 a hours day & 365 days per year.

Some of the nursing services Everest can provide include: medication management, chronic pain and advanced disease management, tracheostomy and catheter care, wound care, specialized care (Palliative, cancer, etc.) and physical and psychiatric care.

Everest and Your Care Team

At Everest, we recognize and understand that anyone that is involved in your care, or the care of your loved one (i.e. family, friends, physicians, specialists, other treating healthcare practitioners, etc.) are an integral part of your care team.

Therefore, we will work collaboratively with your care team to create a customized medically managed care plan to ensure that we are not only meeting your medical requirements but that we have exceeded your service expectations.

Our main objectives is to provide effective medical management that monitors symptoms and prevents complications.


Once you have contacted Everest, one of our service coordinators will conduct an intake interview to collect all of the relevant information related to the nursing care request. This information will be provided to our Clinical Nursing Resource Team, whereby your personal Clinical Nurse Manager will be assigned to you. Your Clinical Nurse Manager will contact you, typically within 24 hours after your intake interview to arrange an in-person meeting and medical assessment.

We take pride in delivering high quality nursing care to our clients and we are respectful of the position we hold in your home, amongst your family. In becoming a part of your care we become part of your care team. All our clients are members of the Everest family.

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If you are looking for Home Nursing Services please email or call 905-270-4426 for additional information or a quote. Everest Home Health Care will reply to you within 12 hours.