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Why Everest Home Care

Qualified Nurses

Our extensive registry of both medical (Registered Nurses & Registered Practical Nurses) and non-medical (Personal Support Workers, Homemakers, Companions, etc.) are experienced and qualified to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.


At Everest, we recognize that in order to provide high-quality care to our clients, we must meet and exceed their specific needs and requirements. This involves developing and implementing a customized care plan with the client, their family and treating healthcare practitioners. Our care plans are reviewed on a consistent basis by our clinical staff to ensure that our clients are achieving their personal highest level of optimal health & wellness.

Our Services

Personal Care

Our personal care services allow our clients to live independently within their home by assisting them with their daily routine tasks (ie. transfers in/out of bed, personal & oral hygiene, bathroom assistance, etc.).

Home Support

Often, the aging population is able to remain at home longer, when their home is regularly cleaned and maintained. Our clients benefit from our home services such as: cleaning, vacuuming and laundry assistance. In addition, we can also assist our clients with meal planning and preparation.


Many family members of our clients’ have told us they feel reassured knowing that their loved one has a member of our staff providing them with companionship services; it allows them to know that someone is “there” with their loved one, when they can’t be.


Our extensive registry of nursing personnel specializes in various areas of common homecare patient delivery such as: Medication Administration, Wound Care, Intravenous Therapy, Pain Management, Chronic Disease Management/Therapy, Respiratory Care, etc.


If you are providing care for an elderly loved one, it can be both an emotional and physically demanding job, especially if you’re doing it alone. Respite Support services provide short-term relief to the primary caregiver; which allows them to attend to their other responsibilities and personal obligations. It is important to remember, finding regular assistance/support AND maintaining your own health are VITAL to performing your role as a primary caregiver.


Our palliative care services assist clients and their families by providing the client with the highest level of comfort care treatment and patient care delivery right until the end of life.


Phone number: 905-270-4426 or 1-888-583-7378



Customized Care Plan

Our clinical nursing manager will meet with you and your family, at your convenience, in your home, the hospital, a retirement home, or in our offices. Together, a customized care plan is created. This plan incorporates all elements of importance and reflects your care team’s objectives.


Qualified Nursing Staff

Our nursing staff is trained and highly qualified to address your health and medical needs. Our nurses provide medication management, pain and symptom management, tracheostomy and catheter care, wound care, specialized care (Palliative, cancer, etc.) and physical and mental well-being.