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Everest Home Health Care has been highly recognized for providing quality healthcare staffing support to our partnered healthcare facilities (long-term care facilities, retirement communities, hospitals, etc.) within the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding communities.

Registered Nurses

We recognize that the patient demographic of our partnered healthcare facilities vary; therefore we have acquired a vast registry of specialized registered staff (RN’s and RPN’s) to provide quality medical patient care delivery.

Personal Support Workers

Personal Support Workers (PSW) play a vital role in non-medical patient care delivery. Our PSW staff are able to integrate within any healthcare facility to ensure that the patients’ physical, emotional and psycho-social needs are consistently being met.


We provide escorts who will accompany residents’/patients’ to and from medical appointments outside of your facility.


We arrange companionship care which revolves around the residents’/patients hobbies & recreational activities.


Available 24/7

At Everest, we believe one of our greatest strengths is the strong relationships we have with both our clients and our staff. Critical to maintaining these relationships is our ability to react to staffing requests with a prompt and thorough response. Our current operating environment allows us to be available 24 hours/day 7 days/week, 365 days a year. This enables us to provide clients with a personal response within moments. Currently on average, our shift fulfillment rate is over 90%.

100% Satisfaction

We recognize that we have many healthcare organizations who heavily rely on our workforce solution services. Therefore, it is imperative to the success of Everest to ensure that we are providing them with high-quality services and demonstrating our constant commitment to patient care delivery.

Reliable Services

When your facility requires specialized personnel, you can depend on us to provide qualified staff!


We have a vast registry of staff who have extensive knowledge in all types of patient care delivery across varying patient demographic groups.


We are committed to developing and nurturing a relationship which allows for open communication with our personnel and partnered healthcare facilities.

We are committed to providing top-level healthcare workforce solutions and services. For more information on how we can provide your facility with assistance, please contact us.