Our Mission

Everest Home Health Care aims to foster an environment where our employees and clients can achieve their desired goals on an ongoing basis.

Our Vision

“To design innovative solutions for our healthcare clients through strong partnerships, collaboration and a shared vision that supports quality and healthy healthcare environments.”

Our Objective

To be recognized as the industry benchmark for excellence and reliability in the supply of nursing staff to Long Term Care Facilities, Hospitals and Home Care. This will be achieved by our responsiveness to customer needs and last minute staff coverage at the earliest possible response.

Our Core Values

Trust: Fostering trust with our clients and staff is what Everest Home Health Care is built on. Through exceptional employment standards we have developed strong, loyal relations with our current and growing staff pool.

Respect: Respect is a value that is integral to our philosophy which has evolved to integrate staffing solutions with assessment, planning and ongoing support. Vital to a healthy workplace are employees who feel respected and valued for their contributions.

Continuous Improvement: Everest Home Health Care embraces a philosophy of continuous improvement and learning. We continually assess and evaluate our agency’s programs to improve our service delivery and we are committed to providing a supportive learning environment for all our personnel.