Everest Home Health Care offers specialized diabetes care and education. The goal of diabetic management is to encourage diabetics to live as independently as possible while safely managing their own diabetic care. Our highly competent team of professionals, nurses/paramedic, working with the patient’s physician, provide support, education and assistance to diabetic patients and their families.

Diabetes Management Home Care Program Goals

  • Establish independence and management of diabetes and medications

  • Increase patient’s ability to control their diabetes

  • Encourage patients to have good quality of life with the disease

  • Evaluate and instruct for home safety

  • Decrease hospitalizations

  • Safe medication administration

Mission Vision Values

Diabetes not only affects your blood sugar levels, it also affects other parts of body. In the absence of timely Diagnosis and adequate treatment, complications from diabetes can increase exponentially.

Everest Home Health Care relies on standard clinical measurements like hemoglobin A1C, regular consultation, supply of medicines, as well as information on medication adherence, sleep, diet, and exercise will be more able to guide patients in managing their chronic illnesses and achieving improved health outcomes,”

Diabetes Management Home Care Services

  • Assessment of patient’s condition

  • Instruction of patient’s and families on monitoring blood glucose levels

  • Dietary counseling and meal planning

  • Medication teaching

  • Awareness of drug interaction

  • Treatment of feet and other skin issues

  • Circulatory needs

  • Meal planning

  • Assessment for need of adaptive equipment and occupational therapy

  • Coordination of community services

Why Choose Us

At Everest Home Health Care, we meet and or exceed the highest standards set for health care providers across Toronto. Our professionals will ensure that your care plan is up to date, will work with our staff to ensure that care is being properly provided and will look to you for feedback about the quality of our care.

We have a quality assurance process for hiring staff where applicants go through:

  • Individual interviews and skills testing

  • References are checked

  • Licenses and certifications are validated

  • Health Status is confirmed

  • Thorough orientation is provided

When you are considering a health care provider, choose one that is accredited, maintains the highest hiring standards in the industry, provides all coverage and insurances for their employees, guarantees coverage when a scheduled caregiver is unable to attend, and one that provides nursing supervisory visits free of charge to ensure that you receive the best level of care. Choose a provider that is Caring, Reliable, Compassionate and Professional.

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