Can I be assured the employees you send to me are reputable?

Yes. Our employees are individually interviewed and assessed for their level of knowledge. We require two professional references and validation of credentials. A Registered Nurse closely monitors all community employees. Our employees are covered by the WSIB. Our company is a member of the Ontario Home Health Care Providers Association.

My mother is in her own home and terminally ill. How can you help me care for her?

Primarily the Community Access Centre will assess the needs of clients wishing to remain in their home. The CCAC will initiate service for your mother as you wish. If you require additional help for your mother, you may purchase services, such as shopping, companionship, cooking etc. privately either through our company or by calling other service providers in your community.

What is the difference between Registered Staff and Non-Registered?

Registered employees are certified by the College of Nurses of Ontario and are accountable to the public and responsible for insuring that her/his professional practice and conduct meet the standards of the profession. Their licenses are renewed annually.

Personal support workers are Home Support Workers or certified Personal Support Workers and Health Care Aides. They provide personal care in facilities and homes, activities in the home such as light housekeeping, shopping and companionship.

My father is in the hospital and will be in there for a while. How can you help?

We will have a Nurse contact you and discuss your specific needs when he is discharged. In all likelihood, he will require the service of a personal support worker and not necessarily registered staff. Hours can be arranged at a time to suit you, from a minimum of three hours up to twenty-four hour care. Our employees are supervised by a Nurse Manager who is a Registered Nurse. He might just need a Personal Support Worker to be with him so that he is not left alone, especially at nights.

Do you have minimum hours per day for which you can be contacted?

Yes! Usually it is three hours, but in special circumstances we can arrange for less. It is also dependent on the availability of employees already in the immediate area.

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